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About Affordable Rentals

Affordable Rentals is a leader in home rentals offering some of the most beautiful properties available in the Dallas area. Our devotion to our customers has contributed significantly to our success. The company has expanded to its present size through offering superior service at competitive pricing to our clients. From the beginning our goal has remained the same: an unrelenting commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction. Our reputation for quality service and proven reliability is unsurpassed.

It is the policy of Affordable Rentals to rent our homes without regard to a tenant’s race, ethnic background, sex, age, religion, marital or family status, physical disability or sexual orientation. As part of our commitment to provide equal opportunity in housing, we comply with all federal, state and local laws prohibiting discrimination.

About Affrent Investments

Affrent Investments buys, sells and trades bank paper, notes, bank tapes and mortgages for our portfolio of residential and commercial properties all across the United States.  We work with over 2000 banks and lending institutions of all sizes to create win-win situations for all parties involved.

We are a privately funded, boutique firm, working with private investors all across the country to buy anything from the occasional individual note to mini-max pools.  Our size and flexibility allows for us to maximize return on investment along with nurturing our banking relationships.

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It is Affordable Rentals commitment to provide you with the most reliable service possible. If you have any comments, please give us a call at (214) 550-0250. Our customers are our most important assets. Thank you for considering Affordable Rentals. We look forward to doing business with you.